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Sacred Escapades

Our Vision

Here at Sacred Escapades, we approach all that we do as part of our integral wholeness. Whether going off on some grand adventure into the world, or an inner journey within the stillness of our own consciousness.

A Sacred Escapade is an approach to life and our personal journey.

Within these pages you will discover all that we offer to create integration in Body, Mind, and Spirit! 

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Sacred Valley

Why Integration?

Have you ever noticed how, upon returning home from a life-altering and transformative travel experience, it takes very little time before you are back to your old self and living your old life as the memories of "that time..." slip further and further away?


Most of us over a certain age remember the 1960’s. It was a time of unrest and experimentation for many. Young people were exploring consciousness at a rate never seen before. Perhaps you were one of them.

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