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Cacao Bliss Ceremony

Due to Covid and the intimate nature of these ceremonies, we have no ceremonies scheduled at this time. But please check back in the future as our world opens back up again!

Four times a year we have the opportunity to step back and re-evaluate our goals and plans. Our lives sync up with the cosmos and, for a moment, the seasons come into balance as we take the time to check in with how our lives are unfolding.


Our sacred Cacao Bliss Ceremony allows us to dive deeply into our consciousness, revealing insights and lessons for us to take into the next phase of our lives.


Join us for the Fall Equinox as we explore who we are becoming. Consider what is ready to be harvested, what we are ready to release, and the new choices we are ready to step into.

If you are ready to take this leap into awareness and healing, click the button to register for our next ceremony.

If you have questions, please email us at

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