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Packing for Alaska 2022 

Shelter and bedding

☐ Teardrop locks, chocks, levelers ~or~

   Tent, footprint, stakes, sleeping pad

☐  2 Tarps with poles and stakes, awning

☐  Rope

☐  Rugs for outside doors

☐  Bedding –Sleeping Bag, blankets (down comforter, light quilt, wool blanket) and sheets

☐  Pillows

Cooking and dining

☐  Med pot, CI skillet w/lid, Omnia

☐  Cutting board, knife

☐  Corkscrew and wine stopper, can opener

☐  Spatula, cooking spoons, tongs

☐  Multitool or pocketknife

☐  Mixing bowls, mason jars

☐  Empty food containers

☐  Aluminum foil, paper towels, cloth towels/napkins

☐  Measuring cup and spoons

☐  Coolers and ice packs

☐  Plates, tableware, bowls

☐  Tablecloth

☐  Folding chairs and tables

☐  Trash bags - kitchen sized and mini. We use a small container that sits on our counter as an easy receptacle for wet scraps, coffee grounds, toothpaste spit, and anything else we don’t want to put in our bigger trash bag.

☐  Camp stove, fuel, rechargeable lighter

☐  Kettle, Aeropress, Mug and cup Blender

☐  Potholders, sponge, strainer/colander, dishpan

☐  Fire extinguisher

☐  Campfire permit – if needed, Propane fire pit, fire starters, shovel


☐  Oatmeal

☐  Bread (and plastic bowl to store it in)

☐  Soup (I love the dried soups by Leafside. They are lightweight, tasty, easily added to for more servings and have a variety of flavors. They also have breakfast bowls and smoothies.)

☐  Canned tuna

☐  Canned fruit/pickles/condiments

☐  Coffee and tea

☐  Peanut butter

☐  Eggs

☐  Butter

☐  Pancake mix

☐  Maple syrup

☐  Juice and milk

☐  Cheese

☐  Fruit and vegetables

☐  Cooking oil

☐  Salt, pepper, herbs, spices

☐  Water (cleaning and drinking) and water purifier

Clothing and laundry

☐  T-shirts

☐  Shorts, pants, insulated pants

☐  Boots, shoes, flip-flops or other waterproof slip-ons for outside of shelter.

☐  Socks, leg warmers

☐  Hat, cap, gloves

☐  Sweater, jacket, vest, heavy coat

☐  Neck gaiter/buff, scarf/sarongs

☐  Underwear (regular and thermal)

☐  Swimsuit (2 – one to wear, one to dry)

☐  Towels for people and pets, washcloths

☐  Laundry bag and soap

First aid & hygiene

☐  Medication, prescriptions

☐  Bandages, tape, gauze, elastic wraps

☐  Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen

☐  Antibiotic wipes, hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls

☐  Antiseptic cream, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel

☐  Sunscreen, sunburn lotion or ointment

☐  Scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, razor

☐  Bug spray

☐  Snake bite kit

☐  Bucket toilet with lid (this also doubles as our trash can) and privacy tent

☐  Toilet paper/wet wipes/shovel/baggie (I keep these is a small duffel bag that I can grab and carry into a bathroom or out to the woods)

☐  Bar of soap/Coconut Oil

☐ Shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush/comb/ties

☐ Toothbrush, paste


☐ Joolca – our propane powered hot water system, or solar hot water

☐ Inflatable Kayak, paddles, lifejackets

☐ Hammocks

☐ Pet supplies – beds, food, bowls, leashes

☐ Passport/POV/Insurance card all together

☐ Hiking Poles, water bottle or camelback, daypack

☐ Extra 5-gsllon bucket for carrying water, showering, dousing fires, etc…

☐ Ladder, shovel, Small tool kit

☐ Bear spray, Pinesol

☐ Musical Instruments/Spiritual Tools

☐ Extra bags for groceries and other shopping/storage

☐ Electronics: Devices and chargers


We travel with a Teardrop Trailer that has a queen-sized bed in the cabin and a galley in the back. In our galley we have a freezer that we use to freeze ice packs for the coolers that we keep in the car, allowing us to have the best of both worlds! Our propane stove has its own drawer, and when I’m ready to cook I simply pull it out onto the counter and hook it up to the 5-gallon tank that rides on the side of our TT.


Having a regular bed in the cabin allows us to stay warm and cozy inside. And by regular bed I mean that it has a 6” mattress with a 2” memory foam topper and bamboo waterproof cover. I use regular sheets and bedding. The longer the trip, the more important it is to have a comfortable bed!


Generally, I use the “One Per” rule. At least one of each for everyone in your party (human or non-human!) But you might want to use “2 per” for towels, one for swimming and one for showering.


Vary your list according to your needs.

Packing List for Rythmia

– Sunscreen, hats, bathing suits, t-shirts, shorts. Our dress code is casual. I like to have some slip-on sandals or slippers that you can wear outside and might get rained on.

– For the medicine ceremonies: Wear loose, light colored clothing. It’s important to be comfortable.

– Natural, DDT Free Mosquito repellent. We recommend All Terrain Herbal Armor DEET-Free Natural Insect Repellent.

– Soap and shampoo are available in your room. Limited additional personal care products are available for purchase in our gift shop.

– Strongly consider bringing a journal along with you. Start your entries a few days prior to your visit, perhaps expressing what you would like to achieve during the retreat as well as to record your dreams. In sum, what is your intention for this trip.

Tico frog

-Any sacred objects you might like to have with you. I like to have a simple altar in my room and/or by my bed in ceremony. A stone from your garden, anything of significance to you…

-You don’t need much in terms of stuff. What you do need is a mind open to being changed. You must be willing to ask for what you want, and expect to get it all, plus more.

I like to bring a light blanket, eye shades and pillow from home. I have a fragile neck, so I bring everything I need to be comfortable. Maybe my next ceremony I’ll ask Mother to help me with that.

And that is really all that you need, unless of course you plan to continue your journey. In that case, you will need to add on other section(s) depending on where you are going and what you’ll be doing.



For Costa Rica (or anywhere with a similar climate).

If you are planning to extend your stay I suggest including a rain jacket and maybe hiking boots/socks (depending on your plans.) Also, you will likely need shampoos, etc…personal care products.

You also might like to include a sarong or travel towel. If you are a water person planning on spending time swimming or going to hot springs, consider bringing two bathing suits – one to wear and one to dry.

You might need another, warmer layer if you are planning on spending time in the mountains. It can get cool and damp in the mountains.

If you are planning on spending time in the jungle or southern beaches, cool, lightweight clothes will be perfect for hot, moist air.

General packing

For foreign travel it is always a good idea to carry photocopies of your passport and ID, itinerary’s, credit cards (can black out number for safety), tickets, reservations… I create a packet with everyone’s info for each person. That way, if one person’s packet is lost or damaged, we still have their info.

Depending on your plans an adapter (depending on country), water filter, small flashlight, gloves, hat, chargers & cords.

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