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Why Integrate?

Have you ever noticed how, upon returning home from a life-altering and transformative experience, it takes very little time before you are back to your old self and living your old life as the memories of "that time..." slip further and further away?

As a wilderness guide, one of the things I learned was the importance of integration. We go into the wilderness, either physically or metaphorically, and have a transformative experience. It is beautiful, and we feel renewed. We are excited about the new ways that we see the world and feel ready to return to our lives and bring our new perspectives home with us.

Unfortunately for most of us, our families, friends, and communities haven’t had any new experience and they are attached to the status quo that they are comfortable with. Then, here we come with our new shiny new self and find that our friends and families can’t help putting tremendous pressure on us to return to the safety that they know.

Slowly, without our even noticing, we are pulled back into the same life we had before our transforming new experience.

            “When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.” 
― Dean Jackson

This quote says exactly what happens...we have changed, and those who haven't want us to return to the us we were in the past.

I started doing integration work when I realized that unless we took the time to integrate our experiences before our return to the “other world” we were at significant risk of losing our momentum, and the lessons we had learned.

We need to learn to feel comfortable with our new selves before our return, find a way to fully embody our new perspective, and realign ourselves into integrity.

Michael and I have helped many people learn to take what they have discovered on their journey, integrate those new experiences, make life altering changes, and create a bridge for themselves between old patterns and habits to the life they see for themselves in the future.

Our goal with Sacred Escapades is to help you bring home the things you will learn about yourself through the Rythmia experience.

Rythmia is just the beginning of your transformation. During this integration time, you will learn the 4 R’s - the tools and techniques that will help you review what you have learned, recognize your strengths, realize your truth, and return to share your truth with the world.

During this integration time we will learn to face our fears regarding how we will bring this back and experience ourselves flowing in consciousness. We will share ceremony and become grounded in our new lives.

I hope you will consider joining us! Like and follow our page if you want to learn about upcoming trips, especially if you are planning on going to Costa Rica with us! Don't hesitate to send me a message for more information!

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