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"Michael and Morningsong gathered an amazing circle of people for this healing ceremony. They skillfully created a safe, nurturing space for each of us as individuals to work on the change we wanted to create. By the end of the ceremony, we were woven into a loving community sharing and celebrating the deep shifts we’d all experienced. The room was filled with open hearts and deep gratitude for being able to be a part of this."          ~Barbara

My wife and I are deeply grateful for the loving energy Michael and Morningsong provided to all of us. The set and setting were perfect and along with their wise and learned support they provided a fertile space for us all to journey deeply.


Michael and Morningsong, thanks to the skies for an insightful and adventurous exploration of the wheels and gears in my head. I am proud to know you both and to have such a rewarding association with our drumming community- a beautiful thing for old man to enjoy. I'm still processing the experience with a tempered sense of fun and euphoria.


Thank you again for including me in the journey. I had a very healing experience and I really appreciate your ceremony and your space that you provided. The land is beautiful and the house was cozy and comfortable. Terrific healing soup at just the right time too! I have brought back a renewed spirit home and have been more aware of the "details" the last few days. Hope to join you guys in the future as well. Many blessings.     


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